Steve Vai Guitar

Jeff Beck Esquire Custom Shop

Here’s something we were glad to get our hands on once again; a pre-owned Custom Shop Jeff Beck Esquire, made by Fender Masterbuilder Chris Fleming in 2006. The original guitar has seen mods done to it over the years at the mercy of Beck, and its rich and detailed history was duplicated down to a T[......]

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Nash Jeff Beck Esquire For Sale

Bill Nash, the one most to blame, for Nash custom guitars was started in 2001 and was raised in Los Angeles in and around the music industry. He played in bands, used to make his own guitars, customize things, ruin things and did much of what you would imagine goes on it the formative years of a[......]

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Ibanez Jem Swirl

Hey everybody. Just finished this up for a customer last week & thought you guys may enjoy seeing it. Its a custom made Ibanez UV body but with a monkey grip & lions claw. This is what I call a Watermelon swirl. Enjoy!

Ibanez Dna

Somebody at Ibanez should have done a little research about DNA. Guess what folks, there is no DNA in blood! DNA is found in the nucleous of cells, and red blood cells have to nucleous. Think about it, when police see blood at a crime scene, you don’t hear about them getting a DNA sample right? Ther[......]

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Ibanez Jem Dna

Fs Ibanez Jem Dna
For sale,
The Steve Vai Y2K Limited Edition Signature Model.
never been played.
This guitar includes a slip bag, Ibanez case and a Certificate of Authenticity.
serial number 069/300, dead mint condition.
Price 6950 Euro,
shippingcost etc for the buyer.
The Ibanez wil be sen[......]

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Steve Vai Dna Guitar

The Steve Vai Y2K Limited Edition Signature Model features a multi color finish by Darren Johansen, which contains genuine Steve Vai Dna. This guitar includes a slip bag, deluxe Ibanez case, and a Certificate of Authenticity that certifies that this JEM2K-DNA, serial number 020/300, is a genuine Iba[......]

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Steve Vai Dna

Steve Vai is selling his prototype Jem DNA guitar for charity.
This is Steve’s only DNA guitar. It is the same one photographed in the Ibanez catalog, and the one that has spent some time in the Hollywood Guitar Center RockWalk Museum. It is one of only 300 world wide.

We’re selling this guitar[......]

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Ibanez Steve Vai Euphoria

It’s been a busy morning for Vai. After unveiling the latest edition of his gorgeous signature acoustic-electric, the Ibanez Steve Vai Euphoria model, he spent over 90 minutes signing autographs for a ridiculously long line of fans who stretched around the company’s showroom real estate and snaked d[......]

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Dimarzio Steve Vai Signature

Legendary guitarist Steve Vai has been using DiMarzio cables for years. The Steve Vai Signature Guitar Cable features modified gold-plated DiMarzio/Switchcraft plugs. These plugs incorporate improved strain relief for the already well-designed Switchcraft end. They have a jewelry finish and feature[......]

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frank zappa and steve vai

Steve Vai started working for Frank Zappa as a music transcriber in September 1979. Some of Steve’s transcriptions were published in ‘The Frank Zappa Guitar 

The late Frank Zappa made his first Guitar World cover appearance with the March 1982 issue, during the magazine’s third year of publica[......]

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